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Pickup Hockey Simplified

Running a sheet for your friends is thankless work. Some guys “get it.” Most will make you work a little harder to sort out who is showing up and who isn’t.

All the calling, texting and record keeping is a hassle and you end up with a short bench one week and too many guys the next week. To dial it in to the “perfect skate” was the challenge we wanted to meet. After trying a variety of websites we developed this mobile app to run out skates.

With this app we make it easy. All you need to do is build you list of available skaters and have the skates in the app and it does all the hard work for you.

One thing we were amazed about in this process is how the skaters not only love the system, they enforce your rules for you!

Check out the screen shots, it is really quite simple – hockey player proof!


Download in App Store

Your app with your logo and graphics will be in the Apple and Google app stores for download. When they register, they agree to your Skate Rules and Terms so everyone is on the same page.

Player Profile

The player enters name, phone, position and drink preference. The position and drink preference can be changed before booking skates. 

Toggle To Book

A simple tap and the button toggles to booked. The number of skaters booked displays on the left. The day, date and time are displayed and the blue “info” button shows the skate list.

Skate List Management

Scroll down the list to see who is skating. An admin or coach can assign locker rooms, jersey colors and mark paid. The grid at the top totals to organize teams and after skate beverages.

App Setup & Your Skate Rules

 All Players must accept your Liability Waiver, Skate Rules and Terms of Use. The Skate List is set to 22 Skaters and 2 Goalies. We have tested and found this to be ideal.

The Player selects Forward, Defense or Goalie on their profile, which can be changed by them prior to booking a skate. They also select Beer, Light Beer or Sports Drink. We keep this generic, so you can select your preferences with the rink.

You are set up with two classes of players, we call them Skaters & Grinders. Skaters can book ice time up to two weeks in advance, all other skates are unavailable to them. Grinders have access to your entire schedule, regardless of how far out you book them. This allows you to keep spots available for regulars and continue to build your skate list for subs to fill in as needed. The larger your list, the easier it is to keep your skates full.

One hour prior to ice time the skate is frozen. No one can add or drop. They will call or text you so you know about last minute drops or skaters that want to come out. 

You have a Penalty Box feature. When a player “no shows” on you, put them in the Penalty Box and they must pay their ice bill to you to get out. 

You can suspend players. It is important to have the right mix of players that get along and have fun. It is ok to un-invite someone who isn’t a good fit. 

Book up to six skates per month. We figure that one sheet a week will run into five on some months, so we give you an extra for those special occasions.

You have the ability to remove a skater from a list. A player will call you to say he can’t make it and can’t get to his phone – or is too lazy. You need the ability to open up that spot so someone can fill in. We make it easy for an Admin to tap a player and hit OK to delete from the list.

Assign the player who whines the most to be a Coach. The Coach can assign jerseys and mark players paid. We run with two Coaches for our skate, a skaters wife deals with the money at the door and places the beer order with the rink. A separate Coach sets up the teams. The wife gets gas money for the hassle and everything runs super smooth that way. 

Optional Push Notifications

With a bit of coding, we can set you up with a way to send push notifications to players. Push notifications display on the players phone with their other app notficiations. You can segment players in a variety of ways including a message just to goalies, those who have not booked in a while, or those in a specific event. This is a powerful feature to communicate with your list.

To get your own Private Skate app we have a plan for you. We will build and place in both the Google Play and Apple iTunes store your mobile app for just $300 and a monthly maintenance fee of $40. We kept the pricing low to make it easier for an organizer to get started. With just a few skates more each month you will recoup the cost of the app and the time savings is gravy.  With your purchase of your app you also receive 500 cards to hand out to build your list. We are confident that if you follow our system and plan that you will enjoy less stress for your skate, have a consistently “perfect skate.” All with way less time and hassle on your part.

You have questions? We have answers. Call Dave at 774HOCKEY4 774-462-5384 or email


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