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Making Pickup Ice Hockey Effortless!

Tired of the hassle of organizing pickup ice hockey games?

We understand the struggle: countless hours spent emailing, texting, and calling friends, just to get a game going.

Imagine if it could be simpler.

frustrated hockey organizer

Perfect Skate:

Your Ultimate Ice Hockey Organizer Tool

Automated invitations. Real-time player check-ins. Fair team assignments. Cold beverages waiting post-game.

All for just $.29 per player.

Features Include:

  • Private List or Public Lists
  • Automated Email and Text Messaging Notification
  • Player profiles – F/D/G
  • Drink Preferences – free option
  • White/Dark Jersey Assignments
  • Automated Waiting List
  • Player List Management
    • Ban skaters
    • Add registered skaters to an event.
  • Assign Helper Roles: Coaches to assign jerseys and Check-in person to collect money and order drinks for locker rooms
  • Skate Event Templates:
    • Number of Players
    • Cutoff Time for Unbooking
    • Cutoff Time for Booking
    • Reminder Schedule
    • Payment Links

Optional Messaging Service:

  • Email your list
  • Text message your list
  • Minimal fees apply

Automated Invitations & Reminders

  • Save hours of organization.
  • Reach out to hundreds at once.
messaging players
Player Check-in Screen

View Player Lists & Jersey Assignments

  • Ensure balanced teams every game.
  • Players can check their team and jersey color ahead of time.

Simple Payment Solutions

  • Players know upfront how to settle their dues.
  • Seamless check-in and payment acknowledgment.
Player Pay Check In

Personalized Player Profiles

  • Positions clearly indicated: Forward, Defense, or Goalie.
  • Beverage selection for post-game relaxation.
Drink Selections Set By Organizer
locker room drinks

Locker Room Assignments & Drink Delivery

  • Organized locker room assignments.
  • Cold beers ready and waiting after the game.

“Perfect Skate has made our after-game celebrations even sweeter!” – Jenna, Defense Player

With Perfect Skate, our games have never been smoother. No more chaos. Just pure hockey fun!” – Alex, Regular Organizer


Ready for the Perfect Game?

Join Perfect Skate today and experience the future of pickup ice hockey.