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See the system work with a short walk-through by Dave.

All free, no obligation.


Check out this pic of Dave calling players, way back in 1977!

Dave has been organizing ice hockey for a lot of years and works in the tech industry.

Take advantage of the tools created by Dave to shave hours, so you don’t burn out on running sheets of ice.

Still playing three to four times a week, Dave is all in to help this great game thrive.

Dave at Outdoor Rink

Some of the Problems We Solve…Some of the Problems We Solve…

The Perfect Skate System even considers those “non-tech” players so you can put them into a skate with a simple click.

The reminder texts and emails go out on your schedule and you have the ability to text your skate list or only players in a specific event.

Ever have a guy grab the wrong stick after a skate and you need to text the players who were there? No problem. Text the list with a click.

Have too many skaters who want to skate? There is an automated waiting list. You know someone will want to drop last minute and the skater on the wait list is pulled into the skate and notified automatically.

Is Beer involved? Set a few preferences for beer and organize the coolers for the locker rooms with ease.

Is keeping track of who paid a hassle when ten guys hand you money at the same time? No worries, just a quick tap to Check In players and set what locker room they are in.

Let’s show you how to create a Perfect Skate, book a free, quick demo…